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Trust Martel Plumbing & Heating to assist you with your HVAC repairs in Attleboro, MA. We’ll make sure to send over one of our experts in heating and air conditioning in Attleboro promptly. With our swift service, you can have confidence that your AC problems will be resolved promptly and efficiently. Don’t let worries about your heater and air conditioning system persist—reach out to us for assistance today!

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Air Conditioning in Attleboro, MA

When it comes to your AC in Attleboro, Martel Plumbing & Heating has the solutions you need! Trust us to deliver a full suite of services, including:

  • AC Repair in Attleboro
  • AC Installation in Attleboro
  • AC Maintenance in Attleboro
  • Ductless/Mini Split Services
  • Ductless Zoned System Services

When you require assistance with your air conditioning in Attleboro, Martel Plumbing & Heating is the team to call. Just let us know if you need air conditioning repair in Attleboro, and we’ll be there to help. Our team will respond quickly to your request and provide efficient service. Furthermore, if we believe that an air conditioning installation in Attleboro would be more beneficial for your home, we’ll discuss this possibility with you and offer our expert advice to assist you in making an informed decision.

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Our HVAC Services

With over 98 years of experience there’s no HVAC problem we haven’t solved! Check out our other services.

Ductless AC

Interested in ductless mini split systems? Martel Plumbing & Heating has you covered with a simple yet effective solution. They work like this: an outdoor unit and an indoor counterpart linked by tubing and wiring. Ducts aren’t needed here, as the indoor unit, usually wall-mounted, takes care of dispersing the air efficiently. These systems are perfect for those areas that are a bit tricky to heat or cool conventionally. And in Massachusetts, our ductless mini splits really shine in efficiency, functioning much like heat pumps and powered by electricity.

Next, some terminology. We call them “split” systems since there’s an outdoor and indoor unit involved. As for “mini”, these units are smaller when compared to your typical A/C or furnace packages. You’ll commonly find ductless mini splits in areas like garages, master bedrooms, finished basements, and attics in Massachusetts homes.

Need help with ductless AC repairs, replacements, or installations? Just give us a call today, and we’ll start working on it right away!

Heating in Attleboro, MA

Facing heater troubles? Martel Plumbing & Heating is here to help you out. We understand the importance of warmth during the colder months, so we’ll promptly find the solutions you need. Whether you need heating repair in Attleboro, MS or heating installation, we’re here to support you with:

  • Heating Repair
  • Heating Maintenance/Service
  • Heating Installation/Replacement
  • Zoned Heating
  • Furnace Repair, Installation, and Maintenance
  • Boiler Repair, Installation, and Maintenance
  • Heat Pump Repair, Installation, and Maintenance
  • Radiant Heating
  • Oil to Gas Conversions for Furnaces and Boilers
  • Thermostats/Smart Thermostats

Indoor Air Quality in Attleboro, MA

Want better air quality at home? If you’re concerned about air quality in Attleboro, MA, we’re here to help. Reach out to us, and we’ll discuss your needs and come up with the best solution for your home. Our air quality improvement options include:

  • Air Purification/Filtration
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Humidifiers
  • Dehumidifiers


Looking to stay warm and comfortable this winter? Furnaces are one reliable option. Here at Martel Plumbing & Heating, we’re the experts when it comes to furnace-related services, from Attleboro furnace repair to maintenance to installations. No matter the type of furnace you have—gas, electric, or oil—we have the expertise to keep it running smoothly all winter long. Trust us to keep you cozy when the temperatures drop.


Need a reliable heating solution for your home? Boilers have you covered. Martel Plumbing & Heating is your trusted expert for boiler repair services in Attleboro, MA. In fact, whether you need repairs, maintenance, or new boiler installation services in Attleboro, MA, our skilled team is here to help. With knowledge of gas, electric, and oil models, we’ll keep your home comfortably warm throughout the coldest parts of the year.

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Whether it’s a repair, a conversation with one of the top HVAC companies in Attleboro, MA, or an improvement in air quality you’re after, Martel Plumbing & Heating has you covered. Reach out to us today to get the solutions you need. With our commitment to quality, you can trust us to find the perfect solution for you. Dial our number now!