How Ductless Air Conditioners Work

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As you may know, in many parts of the world, people don’t have air conditioners. According to One Desk, only 31% of households around the globe have one. Are you aiming to be part of that group? If so, are you contemplating getting a ductless one but aren’t sure of how they work? We’re here to help you. Think of this explanation as part of our ductless AC services.

They Use the Hot Air From Your Home

There are going to be two different types of units. The indoor one has evaporator coils and refrigerants (and heat pumps; more on that in a bit). The coils take the hot air and send it to the outside unit. Then cold air is sent back out of the indoor unit and cools the room down. You just need to make sure that the unit is the proper size and runs at the correct BTUs. The smaller the room, the smaller the unit, and the fewer BTUs that are required.

They Are Also Called Mini-Splits

Usually, when people get HVAC units, the air runs through ducts that will emit hot or cool air. That’s not the case with ductless air conditioners. These are connected to a compressor outside that sends whatever air is needed back into the home without the use of ducts. They can be split into various rooms around your home, hence the name mini-split.

They Can Save You Installation Time

While it might not be as efficient to install as just popping open a window, setting it there, and then closing it, a ductless air conditioner can actually save you a lot of time in the long term compared to other solutions. That’s because the people doing the job don’t have to either clear out an old duct system or install ducts into the wall.specialist with ductless ac Instead, each one is simply put up on the wall and then connected to the outside compressor. That’s a lot better than having to have walls torn into.

You Will Have Plenty of Choices

You can even choose the different types of ductless systems: they can be recessed in your ceiling, installed as a ceiling register, or you can have them done as a floor mount. It depends on your preference and how you want it to look afterward. Talk with a professional about how it will look and function in a certain part of the room.

The Pros Include:

As you likely know, there are all kinds of reasons to spring for a ductless air conditioner system for your home! Here are just a few of the many reasons our clients say they’re most interested in our ductless AC services.

Customizable Room Temperatures

One of the best things about owning these is that you can control the temperature in each room. That means you can make sure that you’re comfortable in whatever room you’re in. They come with heat pumps, which means they can both heat or cool down the room. You won’t have to worry about a separate furnace system. You’ll be comf

ortable no matter what season it is and not have to make more investments in appliances.

Compact Size

These are small things and don’t take up much space in each room. When they are working at peak efficiency, they are very quiet. That’s a lot better than having a window unit blasting air and making it hard to hear things. You’re also not going to have to worry about leaks in the ducts, which can wind up making the units have to expend more energy, which will then cause your energy bill to go up. It has inverter compressors, which allow it to adapt to what’s going on rather than possibly causing the entire system to shut down.

Improved Security

Another aspect of window units worth mentioning is that they can present a security (and safety) problem in a couple of ways. First, if you live in a city and you are in a tall apartment building, the management may not allow window units. The last thing you want to see is a heavy unit plummeting from the street on the 15th floor. Also, if you live in a garden apartment, you don’t want to give burglars any entry points; they could open the window, push the unit in, and then climb in. The ductless system just requires a tiny hole, which also keeps air from leaking out and causing the units to have to work harder, which would raise your energy bill.

The Cons Include:

While there are a lot of benefits to consider when it comes to installing ductless AC systems, there are also important concerns to take into account before committing to your purchase. These are some of the most common concerns our clients have when considering ductless AC services.

Frequent Maintenance Checks

You need to monitor your ductless air conditioner and change the filter roughly every 30 days. If you prefer form to function, you might not like this since it comes in only a couple of colors. But if you just want something that’s efficient and aren’t worried about how it will look in a particular room, then you can certainly consider this as a way to stay cool or warm.

Fuel-Based Backup

The main drawback to a ductless air conditioner is that if you’re in a freezing area, you’re going to need to have a fuel-based backup to keep it running when the temperatures are in the negatives. Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself without a functioning air conditioner or heater. If you’re trying to help the environment, having that fuel-based backup isn’t likely to be the ideal fit for your home.

You May Need Multiple Units

The costs can add up if you have ductless AC services outfitting your home with a bunch of units. While you do have some savings on your energy bills, you can also still consider a dusted unit if you have a lot of rooms. That said, some homeowners don’t mind having some rooms in the home without air conditioning coverage. Take your own household’s needs into account when making your decision.

It’s important that you look into the sizes and the BTUs. If you get something that’s too small for a large room, then you’re going to be sweating on a hot day and shivering on a cold one. But if it’s too large for the room size, then you’ll be wearing a sweater during the summer and practically melting during the winter. Take measurements and talk with professionals to help you make the correct decision.

In Short, Ductless Air Conditioners Can Be Great

As you can see, there are a lot of pros and cons on each side. You can weigh them, talk with experts, and talk with neighbors, family, and friends about what they are using. Do some research into what ductless brands are popular. Also, see about the installers; there are plenty of review sites to look at to help you make your best decision. Once you’ve done that, you can relax in comfort. If you have further questions about ductless units, be sure to give us a call!

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