10 Signs You Need to Replace Your AC Unit

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The temperatures are steadily climbing, and you want to stay cool. However, your AC is acting up again, threatening to let the heat of summer into your home. You need to decide if you want to call ductless AC services for repairs again or if you want to have specialists install a whole new unit. Here are a few signs that you should seriously lean toward the latter option.

1. Rising Utility Bills

Utility bills can be a big expense for any household. According to Forbes, Americans spend roughly $429.33 each month on their utility bills. That adds up to more than $5,000 each year!

A poorly functioning AC unit can drive the average bill up even higher since it’s not properly conserving energy. Even if you get your unit repaired, it’s probably going to start causing problems sooner rather than later. It’s better to use all that money spent on repairs to instead invest in a newer unit that also meets all state energy requirements and has an energy saver mode.

2. Warm Air

When it feels like triple digits outside, the last thing you want to feel is hot air coming out of your AC unit. This is a definite sign that something is going wrong with the unit. When you notice this, you should invest in ductless AC services to install a new unit as fast as you can. After all, the problem causing the hot air could crop up again at another really inopportune time.

3. Broken Thermostat

This is a big problem. The thermostat is basically the brain of the AC unit, as it communicates how much cold air the unit needs to send out. It’s also constantly monitoring if it’s sending out the proper amount of cold air to your building.

The main sign of a problem with the thermostat is that the unit will power on for a bit and then shut itself off again. This could be a problem that requires a tune-up, but you might find yourself worrying that the thermostat will stop working again at a bad time. Hiring ductless AC services to install a new unit would be a better investment.

4. Weak Airflow

You turn on the AC and the airflow is weak and unsatisfying. This usually indicates that there’s a problem with the compressor. This isn’t something to ignore, either, since it means the air won’t properly circulate around the room.

This problem could also point to an issue with the ducts of your AC system, but that’s only if you have them to begin with. While a specialist could perform a tune-up to get things working again, it may only be a temporary fix. A new unit would likely be a better long-term bet.

5. Loud Noises

While AC units are known for making some unusual noises from time to time, you shouldn’t be worried that it’s been possessed by the spirits of long-dead air conditioners. If you hear loud noises from inside the AC unit, it could mean a part like a belt has slipped. If a specialist finds that a significant amount of interior damage has occurred, then you’re better off getting the new AC.

6. Strange Odors

The only thing you want to smell when you turn on your AC is cool, scentless air. You just want to feel the nice, cool breeze that will make the heat outside bearable. If you start smelling something burning and there’s nothing going on in the kitchen, then that likely means that a wire has burned out. If you smell something musty, then that means that mold could have grown inside the AC.

Have a specialist look at your unit. If it looks like the repair would be extensive, then it may be best to replace it. No matter what, you should do something about the problem since you and your family could get sick if you don’t take action.

7. Humid Air

While you may think the main job of an air conditioner is to make the room cool during hot weather, it also performs an important duty of removing humidity from the air. If there’s too much humidity, it can become hard to breathe or can make clothes take longer to air dry. Call an AC specialist to see why this is happening and then replace the unit if repairs are going to be too extensive.

8. Continual Repairs

Are you and the AC specialist getting to be on a first-name basis? Is it worth it to have them come fix the unit and then give them another call a few weeks later? Eventually, you’ll find you’re throwing away good money for no reason. End the cycle of constant repairs and have them come put in a new AC unit. Then you’ll be able to enjoy a consistently cool home and let someone else become the specialist’s regular repair customer.

9. Leaky Unit

This is another problem that requires swift attention. If it’s Freon, you should be aware it is a very toxic chemical, and you don’t want your pets or children to wind up consuming it. If it’s water, then that could cause damage to the walls and could even result in mold, which can also cause health issues.

Either way, you likely want a new unit, since it could be expensive to replace the Freon. Make sure your specialists inspect the area around the unit to make sure there is no Freon residue. You’ll be glad you made the effort to keep your family safe.

10. Aging Unit

Vintage items are in. You’ll often see people driving cars from the 1950s or even earlier. Air conditioners are not one of those collectibles, though; you won’t find people bragging about their vintage 1970s AC. These units have their lifespans, and then it’s time to get a new one. Our team suggests that if your AC is 15 years old or more, then you’re going to want to replace it. The new unit is going to have better technology, and it will likely be an energy saver.

There are certain factors you need to think about when purchasing a new AC. See how much energy it uses and compare that to the size of the room it will be in. You don’t need a monster unit if it’s going to be in a small room. It’ll use way too much energy and also turn the room into an ice box. Conversely, if your unit is too small for a larger room, then it’s going to struggle to make much of a dent in how hot the room is. Talk with an expert about ductless AC services, as this type of AC unit could meet your needs perfectly.

Ultimately, deciding to repair or replace your AC also depends on your budget and how long you need to use your AC unit. If you’re in the middle of a blistering heat wave, you might opt to go for the band-aid fix and then get the new unit when you’re not dealing with a possible life-or-death matter.

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